A Midsummer’s Daydream 2022


An immersive theatrical, musical, embodied and educational exploration of the hidden wisdom & bounty of chaos.
The Landing welcomes you…
Come soak up the bounty of whimsy & talent that has been curated! Perhaps consider flying over in your fairy wings, catching a ride on the back of a dragon or simply carpooling with some friends to enjoy Midsummer’s Daydream on July 23rd
Yes really, 12 hours of….
Multi-genre Music
Immersive Theater – a twist on a classic
Fire Spinning
Local Vendors & Workshop Offerings
This is a celebration of community; an invitation of play, connection & pleasure amidst seasonal transitions as we make our way beyond spring showers, solstice heat waves yet indulge together before the turning of the leaves & eventual frosty flakes.
Come delight in unique performances as well as a plethora of musical genres & soundscapes through the day into the eve alongside workshop offerings, local vendors, woven in with ritual, effigy burn in addition to field games to participate in.
This is an all ages daytime event with note for parental discretion concerning the theatrical bits wherein content will get progressively more “mature” as the evening progresses. We welcome children under 13 for free; discounted teen tickets ages 13-17.

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Schedule (see fb for latest version)
11 Opening Ritual with Kitty Love
11:11-12:45 Ecstatic Dance Wave with DJ Micah “Mikaya” Swabb (https://soundcloud.com/mikayaswabb)
12:45 Midsummer’s Daydream Theater – Part 1 – Fairy Match Make
(parental discretion is advised – mention of magical herbs and illicit concoctions)
1:15-2:15 balm. (https://www.balmmusic.com/#music)
2:15 Midsummer’s Daydream Theater – Part 2 – The Lovers Weave
(parental discretion advised – polyamorous references and sexual inuendo abound)
2:30 Lillie Koleman (https://www.lillielumina.com/)
4:00 Midsummer’s Daydream Theater – Part 3 – The Mechanicals Plan a Show
(parental discretion is advised – toxic masculinity and magical shapeshifting…)
4:30-5:30 Will Franke (https://willfranke.bandcamp.com/)
5:30 Midsummer’s Daydream Theater – Part 4 – Bottom Gets Topped
(parental discretion is advised – sexual acts and role play portrayed theatrically)
6:00-7:00 Black Sea Beat Society (https://blackseabeatsociety.bandcamp.com/…/black-sea…)
7:00-7:30 Midsummer’s Daydream Theater – Part 5 – Union Ceremony
(parental discretion advised- mention of illicit concoctions)
7:30-8:30pm Atum – DJ Set
8:30-9:30 DJ Gilbot
9:30-11 NataDas Live Music Ecstatic Dance Wave
11-11:11 Closing Ceremony and lighting of the effigy with Kitty Love and Company featuring a performance from Omotion

*End of event*

Other Midsummer Merriments (scheduling TBD, pop up events, and all day attractions)
Spells of Pagans and Androids (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uhEf_xwOe8...)
Partner Dance 101 - learn to partner dance to any music likkity split
Slackline Jousting
Faerie Sprinklers will be out to wet your whistles and toes on this Midsummer’s Day!
Stayed tuned for additional workshops!
Stay tuned for food options!
Stay tuned for fire spinning schedule

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Solstice Special, Puck's Delights, Oberon's Magic, Tatian's Blessings, Half Day – Morning, Half Day – Evening, A Teen's Daydream, Kids are Free! (12 and under)