Everland’s Community Vision

  • Everland aspires to be a lively community space that supports a range of dynamic socially progressive communities including the following sub-cultures:
    • Circus and performance arts (like Dance, Flow arts, Juggling, Aerials, etc.)
    • Music
    • Movement-based Spiritual Practices (like Martial Arts, asana based Yogic practices, Ecstatic dance, etc.)
    • Visual art
    • Political Activism
    • Queer Culture and other alternative identities
    • Diverse and mixed racial and socio-cultural groups
  • The Everland community  is committed to environmental sustainability and limiting its negative impact on its environment.


Everland’s Values

Everland strives to be a radically inclusive saf(er) space for people of all walks of life, expressions, orientations, abilities and backgrounds.

We value peer/self governance and fairness and strive steward the community accordingly.


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